In Office Veterinary Services

In Office Veterinary Services

Digital Radiology

We offer the latest and most up to date digital imaging diagnostic services.

Comprehensive Medical Examinations

Dr. Kim can perform a head to tail veterinary exam on your pet, a necessary procedure in the normal lifespan of healthy animals. A head to tail exam is often just that - a thorough examination of all major health systems from one end to the other. Dr. Kim is well trained in the differences between animals and the things to watch for with your pets. If you have questions about anything Dr. Kim weill happy to answer them for you.


Veterinary Diagnostics are an important part of your pet's healthcare needs, and we are well equipped to handle whatever diagnostic needs your pet may have.

Emergency Medicine

When an emergency comes up Dr. Kim is prepared to take of your pet as needed. We know how scary and stressful an emergency involving your pet can be, and we do our best to handle all emergency calls in a calm, fast and caring manner.

Lameness and Orthopedic Care

Do you have a pet who is getting older, or has sustained an injury requiring a little more attention? If your pet ever needs orthopedic care Dr. Kim is ready to help!

Nutritional Counseling

We know what are what we eat, and the same can be said for our pets. It is very important to give your pet a well balanced diet to ensure their health and happiness for years to come. If you need information about your pet's dietary needs please visit our Resources page or call us today!

Preventative Health Care

Preventative care for your pets can you save you a lot of time and money! We see pets with ticks and fleas and common nuisance insects quite often. Treating your pets for things like fleas and ticks can help you and your pets enjoy more time together, comfortably! If you'd like more information about preventative health care for your pets visit our Resources page or give us a call.

Reproductive Care

One very important part of your pet's life is your pet's reproductive system. Whether you're looking to grow your pet family or keep it just the size it is, you can play a role in the size of your pet family. We can assist you with breeding information and help, and we offer spay or neuter clinics throughout the year as well as by appointment in our office.


Did you know your pet may have allergies? It isn't just you! Your beloved pets could be suffering as well, and we can help. Schedule a visit today to get your pet examined for allergy related conditions and testing.

Skin Disorders

Dr. Kim is trained to assist your pet in all things, including skin disorders. Is your pet scratching too much, or causing irritation or redness where there shouldn't be? Let us take a look at your pet and help get those skin disorders under control.

Weight Control Consultations

Does your pet hav ea problem with weight control? As our pets age sometimes they become less active, or change eating habits, or any number of things that can affect their weight and mobility. We are ready to advise you on your pet's nutrition and get them in tip-top shape!