About Us

Our History
Our business was founded by Dr. Kimberly Hambrick D.V.M., as a mobile veterinary clinic in 2008 and has grown to include a veterinary office (The Hambrick Animal Clinic), grooming, boarding and more. Dr. Kim grew up in a farming community in Franklin County, Tennessee. She earned her BS in Animal Science with minors in Chemistry and Biology, and earned her Masters of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee.

Our latest chapter is all about the Hambrick Animal Clinic! We opened our new fully staffed office in 2014 and we're super excited at all of the new opportunities we now have available.
Our Mission
We exist to provide your pet(s) with the best veterinary services and care available, in the most comforting manner possible.
Our Vision
We believe we can make a difference in the lives of pets and pet owners in our community, and we will continue to do our best to grow our knowledge and our services in every way we can.
OSFMVS is also The Hambrick Animal Clinic!

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services has been serving the Middle Tennessee community since 2008 with great mobile veterinary services. We opened our office - The Hambrick Animal Clinic in 2014 in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where we provide a full range of veterinary services as well as boarding, grooming and more. Our office staff couldn't be happier about getting to spend their days with your pets, and Dr. Kim is still available (by appointment) for all of her usual mobile services.

About Dr. Kim

Dr. Kimberly A. Hambrick, D.V.M. grew up in a farming community in Franklin County, Tennessee, where her deep love and respect for both animals and nature first began. Dr. Kim graduated from Franklin County High School in Winchester, TN, before attending Middle Tennessee State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Animal Science and minors in Chemistry and Biology, Dr. Kim earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

We love animals and promise above all else to treat your pet as our own.

Our staff members have (at least) one thing in common: we all love animals! Some of us love dogs, some love cats, some love geckos, and some love bats! (ok we're rhyming!) We consider it a requirment around here, and it shows. The environment in our veterinary clinic is one of laughter and love, and a little barking too! There is always something going on at the office, and if there isn't you can catch us at one of our clinics in the community. ALso - you can manage your pet's health with our epethealth.com service!

The Right Kind of Care
Dr. Kim hard at work!
Dr. Kim caring for a patient at the Hambrick Animal Clinic.

"Dr. Kim just has a way about her, she's very comfortable to be around and our pets seem to think so too!" We hear statements like that around the office quite a bit, and for good reason. Dr. Kim has spent a lifetime living around and caring for animals, and you will not meet very many people who are more at ease around animals than she. Her calm, balanced nature is apparent also to the animals she cares for, it seems. Dr. Kim is often told of a pet's disposition to a procedure only to have it go super smooth.

"I just love animals", says Dr. Kim. "I get to hang out with them every day. You can't beat that!"



Our Places
Our Staff

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services is just that - mobile! We are available for mobile services in the counties of Coffee, Rutherford, Franklin, give us a call to schedule an appointment. (or you can do it here online!)



Our Office

Old Stone Fort Mobile Veterinary Services has an office location in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The sign out front says Hambrick Animal Clinic as we are tranisitioning to our new name.


Look its our old feline friend looking out the window!